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Haiku: ‘With Love, From Me’



Spring breeze, call my name

Flowers sprout, star sky of mine

Preserve this beauty

Aurae is a student at Elmwood School in Ottawa, Ontario.

What inspired you to write this poem?
I have been writing for several years now, and I’ve been dipping my toes into haikus and poetry for about a year now. I love writing — it’s my passion, and I think that even with few words, we can convey a much greater message. That’s what inspired me to write this poem. To convey something big through something small, and to let everyone interpret the language in a way that connects to a bigger idea but might mean something different to each individual. 

Why are you interested in the environment? 
Nature is beautiful. All parts of it are beautiful, and should be treasured and taken care of. The Earth is precious. We must do our best to help it flourish instead of hurting it like we have been doing. I am interested in the environment because every part of the Earth is just like another branch of a tree. All of us contribute to it, and I don’t want to lose my home. 

What types of activities/hobbies do you enjoy? 
Writing is definitely one of them, for sure. I love all types of writing: novels, poetry, you name it. I’ve tried many different genres of writing as well. I also love video games, reading, cleaning, and talking to people. Social media is definitely something I indulge in a lot. I also really like swimming.

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