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How to Properly Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle



Levon Horvath is an elementary school student at Dunn School in Los Olivos, California.

Environmental consciousness is one of the core principles of Dunn School. No matter where you are on the campus you will see the ideals of Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. One of the most prominent examples of this on campus is the Dunn gym. Dunn’s gym showcases all of these ideals in excess.

Adaptive Reuse
Adaptive reuse is when a building is preserved and adapted to serve a different purpose. Dunn’s gym shows this because it used to be an air hanger. This has many benefits including reducing waste, and minimizing the carbon emissions from construction.

This is arguably the most important step. Dunn’s gym reduces its carbon footprint by offsetting it. This is done with the use of solar panels to reduce the amount of energy used to run the gym and other facilities. This decreases the required amount of natural resources.

This is the act of restarting this cycle. When you recycle you enable this loop to run again. Dunn can do this by either allowing others to, or reusing the materials of the gym themselves. Dunn would do this once the gym had served its purpose to the community. An idea for how Dunn could recycle the gym is to gift it to an aviation company.

Through these methods Dunn strives for a lesser carbon footprint. There are many other ways dunn reduces Their footprint outside of the 3 R’s. Dunn’s ideals of an environmentally friendly campus are portrayed through not only the gym but countless other ventures.

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