Apply for Our Climate Leadership Program

Participating Students and Schools

Our network of Bluedot Institute students is growing all the time! We invite educators and their students to participate in climate-related projects which range from student essays inspired by our prompts to research studies conducted in your school's own backyard. Visit the "Get Involved" page for more information on participating in the Bluedot Institute as a student, teacher, or event organizer.

Climate Leadership Program

Presented by Bluedot Institute and EarthDNA Ambassador Program, for Select High School Students

From July 11-17 at MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA

Emerging Leaders

From the outset Team Bluedot has been motivated by the realization that we are leaving the planet to younger generations with big challenges to manage. Many young people fear their future is doomed and feel helpless. At the same time, we see young climate leaders emerging everywhere. We want to support and encourage their activities and inspire others to get involved, too. The Bluedot Institute (a virtual program) wants to highlight, honor, and incentivize middle and high school students and their teachers to engage in local solution-oriented climate action projects.

Climate Journalism

Students will be invited to share with Bluedot Institute, Inc. what they want to accomplish — solar panels, community gardens, plastic-free schools — or become local climate reporters and learn the art of journalistic writing about where they live. The Bluedot Institute will bring students and teachers together from around the country to build a collaborative network. We will provide mentorship for students with experienced advocates and journalists who can provide guidance and editorial support. We will encourage the Bluedot, Inc. network of magazines and websites to feature the students’ stories.

Community Roundtables

We also believe that local environmental and climate organizations will benefit by coming together to share their work with the wider community to address how to collectively tackle climate change. Bluedot Roundtables will be public gatherings, hosted or co- sponsored by the Bluedot Institute, Inc. featuring innovators, community activists, and stakeholders focused on local issues related to climate change. The Institute will help link two or more communities hosting Bluedot Roundtables to talk to each other, share good ideas and answer the question: What are you doing where you live?