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Dear Humanity



A Plea to Protect our Planet.

This is a letter for our dear humanity from the future to the past. People in the future figured out a way to send messages to the past by being able to pinpoint where Earth’s location was and finding signals through light hundreds of years ago and using radio waves that are being given out by satellites. It is similar to seeing the light of stars millions of light years away, except the past is closer.

Dear Humanity,

The Terra colony of Mars has figured out what used to be theoretical time travel and how to send this message. We want to warn the human race of the effects of global warming and the climate change disaster of your time.

For the last hundred years, what is left of the human race has settled on Mars. We had to escape our home planet because we had made it unlivable for us and every other living creature on the planet. Throughout our time on Mars, we have had difficulty adjusting and have had limited resources for survival. The different climate and environment on this planet has injured people and has even caused losses. There have also been a number of viruses contracted by our predecessors that we as a whole were not prepared for and still have difficulty trying to find cures for.

As I said before, this is an urgent message of warning for everyone in your year of 2023 to come together as a whole, put aside any differences you all might have, and act while there is still time. Along with this message there will be attached files of different speeches and public presentations that should be given out to encourage people to listen to each other and help each other as a community. The speeches include indigenous people sharing their knowledge of the land that is rightfully theirs and the practices that were part of their cultures, used to preserve the lands as we had known them before the industrialization of the world. 

There will also be attached plans of how to proceed with solving this issue with the help of students and communities getting involved in disposing garbage made by humans, learning how to recycle, and planting plants to help fight the alarming amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses already present in your atmosphere. Those plans will also include recycling plastic for building things that are used by humans that will not emit more carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses, like plastic roads which will be more durable than the asphalt roads that are still present in most parts of your world.

Please do not ignore this message, and focus on this issue of life and death. People of your time are too absorbed in what others can or cannot do in their lives, what preferences they can or cannot have, taking away rights that should not be taken away, focusing on money and luxury. Look around you and notice the beauty of our dying planet. In our time, Earth keeps spinning with no green or life on it, just a dark rock unlivable for anyone or anything. You still have time to save all the forests, valleys, coral reefs, seas, and oceans that are getting polluted and destroyed as you are watching it happen. All of the animals that lived in the forests and seas and all over the planet did not survive the climate crisis that was brought upon them and our planet by us.

Every single day, the leaders of your time have the opportunity to help our home and ensure a good future for everyone living on our planet without having to move an entire race to another planet, and they choose to engage in pointless wars due to differences of opinion and hatred for one another with no valid explanation. Humans will take hundreds of millions of years to evolve mentally, but in this time of crisis, everyone has to save each other just to survive.

Do not ignore this message. Listen to the warning and act now.

Message Date: 12-31-2123

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Sasha K
Sasha K
Sasha K goes to public school in Los Angeles and participates in 826LA ( a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6 to 18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. The program director describes Sasha as "A hardworking and humble artist who uses her creativity and astonishing writing skills to bring attention to the issues of climate change and global warming that she is extremely passionate about."

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